About us

The Mission

Our goal at Blue Leopard is to allow every great idea to be discovered. Countless amazing products and companies are hiding away as we speak.

Generating digital exposure isn't purely a case of having the best product or website, it's about who can capture an audience the best.


About the founder

Charles Davies

I am a serial Marketer and an Entrepreneur. Growing up in a familly with a culture of self-employment taught me the building blocks to successful business. I ran a social media management company for a short period of time whilst at University studying Business Management. After dropping out, I walked door to door into marketing agencies till I got a job. This job then led to irreplacable project management experience of a $60bn corporation. I opened my mind to the powers of content, analytics and SEO, became the 'go to guy' for all these areas.

I'm always looking for the next best thing, and thats where Blue Leopard began. As a solution to real problems, real businesses face, in the digital market.


Blue Leopard Culture

We might be "an SEO Content Marketing Agency", but this is what we live:

We aim to form a community of high growth businesses, all on the same hard and fast road to success.

Endeavour for: no hassle, no stress and no problems in the services we provide. And that this attitude should resonate throughout the companies and people we touch.

We always: strive for innovation, influence and greatness.

We belive determination and positivity can get you anywhere you want it to take you, with enough hard work.


SEO Content Marketing - How can it help you?

If you have an amazing website that no body sees there is no business benefit to that. There is an emotional benefit for when you complete a web project. You feel proud and like you've acomplished something. You have, it's just there's no money (probably less money) in your bank account now. For a lot of small businesses this is a stumbling point, you're unsure on the best way to get traffic. Let me give it to you straight, very few people know the best way to gain traffic for their site.

It's not the same for everyone but without testing you'll never know. For the large majority of people seo content marketing is part of the solution.

It builds trust with your customer, develops your brand's authority and allows you to get into more people's line of sight.

Also, content is adaptable. It can be shared and adjusted to fit in with different aquisition channels, so one article isn't really just one article. It's 1 Tweet, 1 Facebook post, 1 Newsletter update, and then its a blog post.

We're living in a digital world full of micro-moments (See Google's video below). The sales funnel no longer exists because we can connect with a business from any angle. And for all these micro-moments to empower the people you touch, you must develop a strong and consistent brand. I can't think of any better way to do that in 2017 than with engaging content.



Start creating meaningful moments, with the help of Blue Leopard.