Countdown to 'Blue Leopard' launch [5 weeks out]

On the 19th September.

Blue Leopard will shake free of its shackles to be let loose on the world.

"Blue Leopard" being the company name by the way, we're not actually going to set a Leopard loose!


*"tails" off into deep thought*...


Although that would generate great business exposure?


Exciting and Competitive: Digital Growth Services

We will be offering highly competitive marketing services which focus on addressing a key issue we have discovered in the marketplace. Low website traffic leading to lack of digital presence.


Spending thousands of pounds on a great site which no one then looks at achieves nothing.


When we live in the era of WordPress, creating a website that converts isn't a problem, the problem is traffic.


A Common Story

Countless companies I've come to contact with over the past year have battled with this issue. Most of the time businesses know that they need to boost their website traffic but they aren't sure how best to approach this challenge.

So when things are busy and workloads are flowing like Waterloo station at 8:00am, this challenge is innocently overlooked.

However, this isn't the end.


After circling around, a few more reminders and a few more inches of head in the sand deeper. Action was taken and help was seeked out in the form of contacting their agency (this where I came in).


So, we pointed out flaws in the digital strategy and marketing efforts in a short audit and they knew what had to be done. But knowing what has to be done and doing it are two different things.


Anyway, the audit would lead to suggestions, which lead to questions, which lead, to a short period of execution. Execution of a task which, at the end of the day, half of all companies don't want to do.

That's the bottom line.


No more pain

So, instead of the agencies product/service being: to train, teach & handover, why not just remove the pain?


Now to my point of realisation.


On holiday in the beautiful island of Zakinthos, I started to pull it all together, my particular skill set (cue Liam neeson quote), this pain point I kept stumbling upon, and my underlying desire to build a business that helps people.


"Every great idea deserves a chance to be found"


Keep an eye out for our free beta product.