10 Quintessential Ways To Increase Website Traffic Fast

In 2017 Your digital strategy is a significant factor to the fate of your online sales.

In fact, it’s more than a campaign or a strategy, it’s a decider.

No matter if yours is a leading organization or a struggling start-up, how you market your brand online will determine your right to capture a share of the digital market.

The reason that you’re reading this could be one of a number of reasons; maybe your website is struggling, maybe there’s a lack of ROI from your current marketing channels or perhaps you're purely looking to grow.

However, the solution to all these problems is the same – proven marketing strategies that assure increased traffic.


Here, we have shared 10 such sure-fire ways to increase website traffic, quick!


  1.   Get Social

Social Media is the #1 driver for overall website traffic. A well-planned social media strategy can help you penetrate through a greater audience. It will help you meet unknown prospects and make new customers. Also, it’s a great measure to capture the target audience and engage with them.


Your active social presence will have a huge impact on the number of your website visitors. It is important to post informative and compelling content according to what your audience is truly interested in.


Research well about what is trending in your industry and build unique shareable content for social media. The aim will almost always be to build business identity, brand awareness and capture new leads through increased traffic using social. 


  1.   Optimize Your Site For SEO

Optimizing your site for SEO is the best thing that you can do to drive more traffic. 75% searchers don’t scroll past the first search results page; just to tell you exactly how important it is for you to improve your website rankings through SEO.

 Most people's journeys on the internet start with search, and if you're not there, you're most certainly missing out.

Your website should be fully optimized for SEO, ensuring branded keywords are locked down and that your pushing your non-branded keyword portfolio. Targetting long-tail keywords to begin with is a great way to gain positioning for less competitive terms.

Once you've established a significant presence through using long-tail's you can then begin to target higher traffic more competitive search queries.


  1.   Build A Strong Email List

A strong email list is a great driver to attract website traffic. If you have an opt-in on all your landing pages requesting visitors for their email address, you’ve built a closer bond with your leads. By keeping them updated about new posts, through a personalized email or newsletter, you can get them back to your website often.


This is a great way to increase website traffic through existing visitors and also a valuable channel to push them towards converting.


  1.   Share Information-Rich Content Only

Having an awesome content strategy is the key to driving website traffic. If you share unattractive, un-engaging content, you’ll not be able to attract new visitors and lose existing ones. So it is crucial to share and keep sharing only information-rich content.

Your content should contain value, which is everything that a reader needs. If you’re able to give them that, they get one step closer to subscribing and visiting other posts and might also consider sharing them.

Also, having the right title matters; spend more time on creating a catchy one. No matter where the content is getting published, make it unique, engaging and informative to drive the most traffic to your website.


  1.   Blog More Often & Share it on Social Media

Incorporating social media strategies into your content will help you get the best out of two key traffic drivers.

Blog more often and share it all across your social media networks for most effect. Let all your followers know so the interested ones don’t miss out on the chance. Make sure to share on each platform differently, every platform has different social protocols.

The worst thing you can do is come across as a spammy, low quality content provider.

Blogs contribute a great part to driving website traffic. Blogging on a daily basis can attract 5x more visits when compared to weekly posting. So blog more often and spread the word through social media channels.


  1.   Share Content On Other Websites

Sharing content with other websites of your business industry can also help in driving more traffic to your website, mainly in identifying and capturing new audience.

The best way is to search for similar blogs or related blogs that have the same viewers as your targeted audience. Then, reach out to the editor or site administrator and request them to share audiences by featuring your blog posts and back linking to your site.


  1.   Host Webinars

Webinars are a great way to present your business idea. No matter the industry, size and type of business, there are always topics that potential customers like to have an experts opinion. If you master any field that your prospects might be interested in knowing more about, host a great webinar to get them on-board.

Start with an interesting topic, create an engaging presentation, and finally send invitations through newsletters and social media announcements.

Webinars are a great measure to build a better, more personal connection with the existing prospects and identify new ones, and drive them to the website.


  1.   Automate Your Emails

It is crucial for any business to automate its email campaign in order to drive more visitors to the website. Automation will help you keep a better hold of the existing followers and visitors you've acquired.

By setting up an opt-in to fill email address before every download, viewing a premium piece of content or subscribing to the newsletter, you can ensure that the ones who have shown interest are always kept informed about latest content and business activity through personalized emails.

  1.  Give More Time To Article-headlines

If there’s anything more important than articles, it’s the headlines you choose for them. A reader (every 8 on 10) decides with the headline, if they want to look at the article or simply skip it.

Yes, a catchy, hooking headline is as important as that. So dedicate more time to deciding your headlines to drive higher CTR and more site traffic.


  1.  Remarketing

Following up with old customers is as important as chasing new ones. Remarketing can help you track and get back 'front of mind' with old customers. A follow-up email or custom-made ads can be sent to potential customers who did not convert in the first attempt.

Including Google Analytics and Facebook Tracking Pixel on your website will ensure that you don’t lose track of potential buyers even if they leave the website without buying so you can later chase them with your remarketing strategies.



If your website is struggling in terms of quality traffic, these are the 10 actionable steps that will give your site's stats a huge boost if executed properly.

Make sure you conduct a thorough analysis of your current situation before assembling a strategy to increase the traffic of your website.

If you follow the correct route, nothing can stop your traffic stats from escalating.